Third-party webhooks sent to Merge

Configure webhooks in supported third parties that send data payloads to Merge.
This feature is only available to customers on our Professional or Enterprise plans. View the Merge Plans to learn more.

When an event occurs in a third-party platform, such as a change to end user data, that platform can be configured to send Merge a webhook with a data payload to give you real-time updates regardless of the rate at which Merge syncs data.

Follow the setup instructions below to enable Merge to receive third-party webhooks for a linked account.

Automatic Setup

Merge is able to automatically create webhooks in supported third-party APIs to alert Merge of changes. This means neither you nor your end user needs to do the manual setup of a webhook per Linked Account. See what integrations support automatic webhook creation.

Automatic webhooks are created on Merge’s initial sync with a third-party platform.

Automatic webhooks are not enabled by default. To enable automatic webhooks, go to Advanced > Webhooks > Third Party in your dashboard to toggle this feature on.

To enable / disable webhooks for a specific Linked Account, go to the Webhooks tab under a specific Linked Account.

You will see a purple notice that says Merge automatically created this webhook in [App Name].

Enable or disable the Merge receiver (an endpoint in Merge’s API that receives third-party data) to control whether Merge updates your data with payloads from the connected app’s webhooks.