Free Accounts

We recommend these for testing:


Linked Account

Linked Accounts represent your end users’ connections between your app and third-party platforms.

Create A Test Linked Account

Press Add test account in Test Linked Accounts.

  1. Select an integration.
  2. Follow the steps to set up the integration.
Create a Test Linked Account Image

Free Accounts

We recommend these for testing:



Your Linked Account will start syncing data from the third-party platform automatically.

You can view sync status in your Linked Accounts.

Syncing Image

Pull Data

Pull Linked Account data into your product by following the instructions in Unified API.

To authenticate your API requests to Merge, save your end users' Account Token in your database.

For Test Linked Accounts, you can find the Account Token in the Linked Accounts Dashboard (see image to right).

For Production Linked Accounts, save the Account Token that is returned from your Link after your end users authorize integrations.

Pull Data Image

Next Up

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Enable your end users to create Linked Accounts from your app by following our Link guide.