Supplemental Data

Learn how to get original data from a specific integration.

Merge created its common data models based evaluating a broad number of players in a category, in order to help our customers design an integration experience that extends to the standards followed by an industry.

Some platforms supported by Merge will have data that is not included in Merge’s common data models. For those cases, you can still get data directly from those platforms in original format through Merge’s API and SDK.

There are three approaches to interacting with original data from integrations supported by Merge:

  • Remote Data

    Get the latest integration data in the original format that Merge received it in. Ideal for when you’re looking for an extra data field not included in Merge’s standardized format.

  • Authenticated Passthrough Request

    Make an authenticated request to the integration API using the stored linked account credentials. Perfect for the occasional API endpoint with data not included in Merge’s common data models.

  • Field Mappings

    Map custom fields and other non-mapped data from your users’ platforms to target fields on your Merge Common Models.