Supplemental Data

Learn how to get original data from a specific integration.

If your product requires data beyond our Common Models, don’t worry! Anything that’s possible by building directly is also possible through Merge. We offer multiple ways to extend the data that we return outside of our common models.

Here are the ways to include supplemental data for Merge integrations

  • Remote Data

    Get the latest integration data in the original format that Merge received it in with a simple query parameter. Ideal for when you’re looking for extra data not included in Merge’s standardized format.

  • Field Mappings

    Add additional fields to Merge’s Common Model or override any existing Merge field. Useful if you want to tailor our Common Models to fit your needs without writing any code.

  • Authenticated Passthrough Request

    Make an authenticated request to the third-party API using stored Linked Account credentials. Perfect for interacting directly with the native APIs of specific integrations, enabling more customization and functionality.