Merge Docs

Merge SDKs

Take advantage of our SDKs to speed up your backend integration with Merge.

Once you've added our Linking Flow to your app, your users can authorize any integration that Merge supports.

The SDKs listed below will allow your app's backend to communicate with Merge and interact with data from those integrations.

Complete Category SDKs

The following SDKs encompass all of Merge's categories. If you use any of the following languages, it is highly recommended you use the Complete Category SDK.

Even if you do not plan on using more than one Merge API category right now, these SDKs are more frequently updated (to roll out changes to all customers sooner) and provide upgrade-flexibility in case you find new Merge API categories useful in the future.

ATS Integration SDKs
HRIS Integration SDKs
Accounting Integration SDKs
Ticketing Integration SDKs
CRM Integration SDKs

Important: Note that our SDKs are in various stages of active development. Please contact us at [email protected] with any questions.

If you do not see your language here, get in touch and we can generate an SDK in a very short timeframe. If you would prefer to manually build your own integration with Merge, refer to our API Reference.

Fetching Data

Learn to fetch data from the integrations your users have authorized by reviewing the example usage of the Merge HRIS SDK below.

Server - Fetching Data
1import time
2import MergeHRISClient
3from MergeHRISClient.api import employees_api
4from MergeHRISClient.model.paginated_employee_list import PaginatedEmployeeList
5from pprint import pprint
7configuration = MergeHRISClient.Configuration()
9# Swap YOUR_API_KEY below with your production key from:
11configuration.api_key['tokenAuth'] = 'YOUR_API_KEY'
12configuration.api_key_prefix['tokenAuth'] = 'Bearer'
14api_client = MergeHRISClient.ApiClient(configuration)
16employees_api_instance = employees_api.EmployeesApi(api_client)
18# The string 'TEST_ACCOUNT_TOKEN' below works to test your connection
19# to Merge and will return dummy data in the response.
20# In production, replace this with account_token from user.
21x_account_token = 'TEST_ACCOUNT_TOKEN'
24 api_response = employees_api_instance.employees_list(x_account_token)
25 pprint(api_response)
26except MergeHRISClient.ApiException as e:
27 print('Exception when calling EmployeesApi->employees_list: %s' % e)