Merge webhooks sent to you

Configure Merge webhooks that send data payloads to your app.

Webhooks offer a real-time way to notify your app when data changes. This guide teaches how to setup these webhooks, which are inbound POST requests to your API, allowing you to create, update, or delete data in your app based on Merge events.

Webhooks are shared across your Merge organization.

Create webhooks

To create webhooks, go to the Webhooks management console under the Advanced configuration in your Merge dashboard and click +Webhook.

On the next page, add the URL that you want Merge to send a POST request to. This URL should point to a POST route in your API that you'll build to handle the incoming payload.

Select the event type that you want to trigger the webhook. We recommend the Common Model sync and/or changed data webhooks if you have a lot of data to keep in sync. You can detect the affected data models within your API by parsing the JSON payload.

If you want to test your webhook, click Send test POST request next to your URL. This will cause Merge to send a POST request carrying a sample payload to the URL you've specified, where you can log the output and program your endpoint to do something in response to the payload.