Sync Frequency

Learn about the different sync frequencies for data from third parties to Merge.

Sync frequency is the rate at which Merge initiates requests to fetch data from third-parties. Actual time to complete a sync can vary depending on the third-party.

You can view your sync frequency in the Integrations section of your Merge dashboard. Contact us for more information.

Data syncs at the highest frequency supported by Merge.
Data syncs every 24 hours.
Control when you sync data either in your Merge dashboard or via API. Resyncs are limited based on your allocated amount of sync credits.
Sync Credits

Customers who select Manual sync plans (Monthly or Quarterly) will be allocated sync credits that apply per Linked Account, including bonus sync credits for mistakes and changes.

A sync credit applies when you resync data for a Linked Account in the Merge dashboard or via API. The initial sync for a Linked Account does not use a sync credit.

Sync credits renew each year, starting on the day that each Linked Account begins syncing.