Linked Accounts

The Linked Accounts endpoint lets you ask "For this given customer’s choice of platform, what functionality am I able to take advantage of?"

The Linked Accounts endpoint returns a list of LinkedAccounts. Each LinkedAccount contains, among other things, the following information about the models and actions available for that account:

  • integration: Includes name, categories, image, square image, and primary color. You can use this information to build an adaptive UI that accurately reflects the integration your user has chosen to link.
  • passthrough_available: defines whether you are able to use the Passthrough endpoint to make custom requests of any kind to the given API. This value is almost always true.
  • available_model_operations: For the provided integration, we return each supported data model, the supported operations (FETCH/CREATE/UPDATE/DELETE), the supported fields, and the required fields to create an instance of that model.


The request will return all linked accounts regardless of which category is passed into the URL.

You will also want to include an Authorization header that includes your Merge API key - see the Authentication section for more details.