Merge Docs

Linked Accounts

The Linked Accounts endpoint lets you ask "For this given customer’s choice of platform, what functionality am I able to take advantage of?"


The Linked Accounts endpoint returns a list of LinkedAccounts. Each LinkedAccount contains, among other things, the following information about the models and actions available for an that account:

  • integration: Includes name, categories, image, square image, and primary color. You can use this information to build an adaptive UI that accurately reflects the integration your user has chosen to link.
  • passthrough_available: defines whether you are able to use the Passthrough endpoint to make custom requests of any kind to the given API. This value is almost always true.
  • available_model_operations: For the provided integration, we return each supported data model, the supported operations (FETCH/CREATE/UPDATE/DELETE), the supported fields, and the required fields to create an instance of that model.


In the URL below, replace ats with the integration category you would want a list of linked accounts for - use hris, ats, or accounting.

You will also want to include an Authorization header that includes your Merge API key - see the Authentication section for more details.


Example Linked Accounts Response
"next": "cD0yMDIxLTAxLTA2KzAzJTNBMjQlM0E1My40MzQzMjYlMkIwMCUzQTAw",
"previous": "cj1sZXdwd2VycWVtY29zZnNkc2NzUWxNMEUxTXk0ME16UXpNallsTWtJ",
"results": [
"id": "e59b1821-f85c-4e28-a6b3-1804156f3563",
"category": "hris",
"status": "COMPLETE",
"status_detail": "string",
"end_user_origin_id": "3ac95cde-6c7f-4eef-afec-be710b42308d",
"end_user_organization_name": "Foo Bar, LLC",
"end_user_email_address": "",
"webhook_listener_url": "",
"is_duplicate": true,
"integration": {
"name": "SAP SuccessFactors",
"categories": [
"image": "",
"square_image": "",
"color": "#F6A704",
"slug": "sap-successfactors",
"passthrough_available": true,
"available_model_operations": [
"model_name": "Candidate",
"available_operations": [
"required_post_parameters": [
"supported_fields": [