Pushing Remote FieldsBeta

Push values for custom fields to your end-users’ CRM systems.
This feature is only available to customers on our Professional and Enterprise plans. View the Merge Plans to learn more.

Use the relevant Merge POST endpoint for a particular Common Model, with your desired Remote Field values included in your request body.

For pushing values for standard fields, use the standard Merge Common Model fields, or if needed, Linked Account or Integration parameters.

Sending a POST Request

There are two key pieces for writing to custom fields using Merge:

  • The Merge ID of the Remote Field Class, which you can retrieve from the /remote-field-classes endpoint for that model
  • The value that you want to push to the third-party for that field

When sending a POST request to the /contacts endpoint, for example, these two data points should be included in the request body under the remote_fields array.

Once your POST request is successful, you can access your Remote Field metadata and values for the contact you just created by following our guide for pulling Remote Field Data.

You will also be able to see the custom field values you just wrote to the third-party on the relevant UI, as shown in this example from Hubspot.