Request Schema for Nested Common Models

Programmatic Nested Writes with /meta

Use /meta to create related Common Model instances (through nesting) with standardized or integration / Linked Account-specific fields


In an earlier guide to Writing Nested Data, we introduced the concept of writing new entities nested inside another entity in a single POST request to Merge, thereby establishing a relation.

Nested Writes are supported for only a few Common Model pairs. Refer to our guide to Writing Nested Data for support details.

Just like how /meta can be used to programmatically determine writable fields for a Common Model, /meta can also be used to determine writable fields for a nested Common Model.

Request Schema for Nested Common Models

In your /meta response, the request_schema object will have similar properties whether it is for the parent or nested Common Model:

  • Common Model fields
  • integration_params specifying integration-specific fields
  • linked_account_params specifying Linked Account-specific fields

Example - Request Schema

Candidates can accept a nested Application in its applications field.

A GET request to /candidates/meta/post will show supported fields for this nesting in its response:

Example - Request Body

In accordance with the response from /meta above, the POST request you would form might have a body like this: