Async PassthroughBeta

Learn how to create passthrough requests that may be sent asynchronously.
This feature is only available to customers on our Professional or Enterprise plans. View the Merge Plans to learn more.

Third-party response times differ and can sometimes cause delays or timeout. With async passthrough requests, which allows you to retrieve the response at a later time, you no longer have to wait for a response before calling other requests or endpoints.

If you have experienced delays or timeouts with normal passthrough requests we recommend switching to use async passthrough requests. Merge's normal passthrough endpoint will return a 408 status if there is a timeout in getting the response, with an explanation to use async passthrough.

Merge's async passthrough endpoints take the same request payload as normal passthrough, and return a passthrough receipt ID, which can be used to get the data payload at a later time via polling or webhook. We recommend using the webhook since we rate limit the polling endpoint to ensure its availability for all Merge customers.

API Endpoint

Send POST requests to the URL below with the required body parameters to create an async passthrough request.{CATEGORY}/v1/async-passthrough

Replace CATEGORY in the URL with hris, ats,accounting, ticketing, crm, mktg, or filestorage depending on the relevant category you're making an API request to.

Making an Async Passthrough Request
  1. Send a POST request to the API endpoint above, with the same payload as normal passthrough.
  2. Merge will respond with a 200 status and an async_passthrough_receipt_id in the response body.
  3. There are two ways to get the data payload:
    • (Recommended option) Set up a webhook emitter, which can be configured in the dashboard, to listen for the request from our server. Learn how to set up a webhook.
    • Poll using the GET /{category}/v1/async-passthrough/{async_passthrough_receipt_id} endpoint. Polling requests are rate limited to 1 request per 10 seconds.