Target Fields

Target fields are fields on your Merge Common Models that your users' third-party fields are mapped to.
Add Target Fields to Any Merge Common Models

To define an organization-wide target field, which will apply to any newly added Linked Accounts of a category, find Target Fields in your Merge Dashboard (under Field Mapping in Advanced Configuration).

Click +Target Field for the Common Model you want to add a target field to. The field name you define will later be returned in the object response from Merge's Unified API. We recommend using underscores in your field name (e.g., technical_assessment_score, etc.).

Click +Target Field again to save your target field.

Note: This target field’s name cannot be changed after it is set. If you want to change it, you will need to delete it and create a new one, which will have to be re-mapped.

Configure your Target Fields in Merge Link

Customize the mapping experience for your users in Link from your Merge Dashboard Configuration.

Show target fields in Link

Click on a target field in your Target Fields Configuration to view its details. Under Configure Target in Link, you can customize if and how the target is shown in Link:

  • Target fields with Mappable in Link enabled will appear in the Field Mapping workflow in Link.
  • Target fields with Prioritized in Link enabled will appear at the beginning of the workflow or top of the list, depending on how many mappable targets you have. If you have multiple prioritized target fields, they will appear in alphabetical order to your user.