Field Mapping Beta

Map custom fields and other non-mapped data from your users' platforms to target fields on your Merge Common Models.


Merge Field Mapping allows you or your users to map data from your users' platforms to new target fields attached to Merge Common Models.

This features is accessible across all integrations that support remote data and is available to Grow and Expand customers.

A Field Mapping has three pieces:

  1. A Merge Common Model to attach a target field to.
  2. A remote data field on the end user's provider to map data from - also known as an origin field
  3. A target field on the Common Model to which the origin field is mapped.


If there is an origin field technical_score (piece 2, refer to Overview) on the Candidate model on a Customer's End User's ATS provider that looks like:

Third-party Data Example
"data": {
"id": "c38e60e9-5992-45e5-8f81-d4b2d65c95b1",
"name": "Henry Baer",
"headline": "Borscht Haus",
"location": {
"name": "Toronto, ON, Canada"
... #other fields
"technical_score": "4",
"past_role": "Management Consultant",
"desired_salary": "200000"

And you create a target field technical_assessment_score (piece 3 in Overview) on your Merge Candidate Common Model (piece 1 in Overview)

Then you can create a Field Mapping between origin technical_score and target technical_assessment_score, so that the Merge Common Model instance for that Candidate looks like:

Candidate Object Example
"id": "521b18c2-4d01-4297-b451-19858d07c133",
"remote_id": "c38e60e9-5992-45e5-8f81-d4b2d65c95b1",
"first_name": "Henry",
"last_name": "Baer",
"field_mappings": {
// This one is only for a single linked account
"linked_account_defined_targets": {
"technical_assessment_score": "4",
// These are for an entire organization
"organization_defined_targets": {
"previous_role": "Management Consultant",
"desired_salary": "200000",
"remote_data": [
"path": "/candidates",
"data": ["Varies by platform"],
"remote_was_deleted": true,